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Mixed-reality head-mounted projection displays

I chaired a series of formal design reviews for a start-up company making immersive displays with resolution better than the human eye.

All-Optical Downlink for Antisubmarine Warfare (ASW) sonobuoys

Another Della project for the Navy: I did a photon budget that showed that this could be done optically within the power and weight constraints, and would work in bright sun as well as at night. (Optical communications are much harder to intercept or to jam than radio.)

Integrating vs. TIA front ends for compressive-scan cameras

A shootout between the two major classes of transimpedance amplifier (TIA) designs for one difficult corner of the design space.

13.5 nm EUV Lithography: Tin Droplet Detection System

When you're hitting a droplet with enough pulsed CO2 light to generate X-rays efficiently, you have to know exactly when it's going to cross the focus.

RF Design for Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer RGA

Producing an integrated model of circuit conditions and ion motion, allowing optimization of circuit and excitation parameters, plus sanity checking