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Two New Expert Cases, One Settles

A case I've been working on since March 2012, DCG Systems v Checkpoint Technologies, has settled, and I've been retained in two others, ThinkOptics v Nintendo et al. (helping ThinkOptics with an inter partes reexamination), and Voxpath RS v Desay et al. (defending Samsung in an optical disc case).

Two New Front Ends for Scanning Surface Voltage Tool

I'm designing two brand new front ends for a scanning surface voltage tool for semiconductor manufacturing. Normally there are two ways you can measure surface potential—the vibrating Kelvin probe, which gets you the actual voltage but is very slow, or the fast-scan method, which is fast but gets you only the 1-D derivative of the potential.

Photonic Biochips

(We can't show ours due to NDA requirements-- this is a cool one from Brown University that uses plasmonics.)

PH200 Nanowatt Photoreceiver

Besides info on do-it-yourself photoreceivers, I am introducing a new line of electro-optical products in cooperation with Highland Technology, a cutting-edge instruments company in San Francisco. The first product is a shot noise limited free space photoreceiver with quantum-limited sensitivity from 60 nW to 100 μW and an honest 1 MHz bandwidth (3 MHz on the 100 μW range). For photocurrents below a microamp, it's significantly better than even the bootstrapped cascode, and it comes in a nice module that fits your setup easily and has normal normal 1/4-20 and M6 threaded mounting holes.