Mirror of www.analog-innovations.com (Jim Thompson's site)

James Elbert (Jim) Thompson was a well-known chip designer who used to be a regular on sci.electronics.design.  He last posted in July 2018.  As he was very sick at the time, we presume that he has died, but no obituary has so far turned up.  He was born on February 29th, 1940, and used to say that he was looking forward to his 21st birthday in 2024.

Jim had a consulting company, Analog Innovations LLC, and a website, http://www.analog-innovations.com.  You can find it on web.archive.org, but those copies are incomplete.  A complete archive (minus a bit of javascript) is here at


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(navigation panel).

Jim designed many highly influential ICs, some of whose datasheets are posted on his site.

May God hold him in memory eternal.