Optical Devices LLC v. Lenovo et al.

January-September 2014

Summary Judgment Granted In Yufa v. Lockheed Martin

Based in large part on my expert reports and reverse engineering of accused products, our Motion for Summary Judgment was granted. In the order, Judge Beverly O'Connell stated that the defendant "...has shown that Plaintiff has failed to produce evidence to support his claims for patent infringement."

Three New Projects

Three interesting new engineering projects have come in: a microplate reader subsystem for water quality assays; a sensor front end with very stringent size, weight, and power (SWaP) constraints; and a scanning microscopy development system.

New expert case: Morgan Solar v Banyan Energy

I've been retained by Banyan in a patent interference case regarding concentrator-type solar collectors.

Blood Sensor for Egg Grading System

I'm designing a spectral-differencing sensor for use in high speed egg-grading machines, to detect blood spots in eggs. This is an interesting problem because it's dominated by nuisance data. Nuisance data are sample variations that produce a signal but aren't what we care about measuring. In this case, porphyrins in brown eggshells have strong absorption features that overlap those of haemoglobin.